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Your comments please - A real estate pay playbook: why commissions work


Hopefully several ACREs will comment on this

A real estate pay playbook: why commissions work




Lester, I actually think that the author made some valid points. My only question is, why can't you still offer other choices? If commissions work for some people then offer them. But, I think that the vast majority of consumers choose commissions because they don't know that they can have other choices.

This is the comment that I posted:

Kris, you make some valid points. My only question is, why can't the industry offer other choices along with contingent commissions? In the ACRE® Program, we don't tell our grads how or what to charge, we train them to offer different choices while providing a thorough needs analysis to help them to help the consumer decide what works for them. Even if they choose a contingent commission (and many still do) - they go with the trained consultant because they were the only ones that offered the choices with transparency.

There are many situations where a consumer is not necessarily buying or selling or not doing so right NOW. Offering other options such as a flat fee or by the hour allows us to help these consumers without working for free. Many times a few hours of counsel leads to more work down the road. I surmise that our industry has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in unearned income over the years because we had no framework to provide services for those consumers who didn't fit the mold.

Mollie W. Wasserman
Founder: Accredited Consultant in Real Estate®
Course and Coaching Program

Is the UInman report worth the money for me, if its just to comment?

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