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commission rebates in Texas?


Here is mumbo jumbo from Feb 2011 meeting of Texas Real Estate Commission. Please help me understand this (this is all there is).


Rules adopted that the meeting Feb 14, 2011 Commission Meeting

535.154 Advertising

535.154 (m)

An advertisement containing an offer to rebate a portion of  a licensee’s commission must disclose that payment of the rebate is subject to the consent of the party the licensee represents in the transaction.

Hmmmm  ???


the true person you represent is the buyer, I ass-u-me they are referring to your broker?

I read it that your Broker must approve any rebate of a portion of the commission offered in the MLS.  You may work for a company that may allow you to do anything you want with your commission but make sure you either had a blanket agreement from your broker or one specific to the transaction to cover yourself if there should be a complaint.

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