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How to Start a Movement in Three Minutes


Another gem sent to me by Lester. He paid me a huge compliment in his email that I'm not sure that I'm worthy of: He sent the video link followed by the words "A video about Mollie". I can only hope!

This video is only three minutes long but is a great lesson for you brave early adopters. Let us know your thoughts.


Thats a great peice, thank you Mollie and Lester.  I used it in a blog i just wrote with Active Rain.  Lester, you are a great contributor to this movement, thanks

Thank you Lester.  Success breeds success. I am proud to be a part of the ACRE(R) movement.

Very cool!

That is an excellent example of how to create a movement it is very succint. Thanks Lester.

Hey Lester,

This is a great video for it takes one person to start something big.



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