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Lessons in low-cost real estate brokerage


This a strong. May be the best article I have seen on alternative compensations plans and the evolution of the industry.


Editor's note: This is the final article in a six-part series focusing on low-fee real estate business models.



Lester, thank you for sharing this article with us.  It makes me see more and more how the consulting model helps to resolve issues brought up in this article. I always thought that listening to the client was crucial and that the relationship had to begin by analyzing his/her needs and wants.  To me this is more important than focusing on the commission issue. Yes, because of the way the industry has operated to this point, it is an issue that has to be discussed but the idea of offering choices excites me. It gives me an opportunity to really look at the needs of my clients and provide them with options instead of using a one size fits all approach. I wonder what would have happened if some of these discount firms would have adopted a consulting model instead like the financal planners did. Would they have weathered this down market better?   

Intersting article. Thanks for pointing it out.

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