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Presentations for Consumers?


I just had a great conversation with Lester Langdon from Texas. He has identified neighborhood groups that he would like to be able to present consulting to. This got me thinking that a couple years back, a couple of ACREs were talking about presenting consulting as a consumer seminar but we never did anything with it.

Anyway, I promised Lester that I would start in the next week or so putting together some ideas into a Power Point presentation that could serve as a template for ACREs to use in presenting consulting to consumers. The first one will be pretty general but I think in the future, we might be able to develop presentations for specific groups ie buyers, sellers, investers, homeowners etc. depending on the interest from ACREs.

Does anyone else have an interest in presenting consulting to the consumer? It could be small groups where you wouldn't use a "formal" presentation or in larger seminar groups that could be held at the public library etc.

Just brainstorming. What does everyone think?


I would love to be the Nationally recognized Speaker on this topic.  I am not shy and love groups... Just Saying

Great minds think alike... LOL  I have been mulling this over for the past week and have contacted one of my mortgage contacts about it.  We are going to try to meet this week to discuss putting something together.  I look forward to seeing what you come up with, Mollie!

"Consulting" involves far more than how we get paid... it is a mindset in how we conduct business to the benefit of the consumer!

I came across this thought by Red Adair on hiring professionals :

"If you think it is expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur."


This a great Idea.  Many people do not know what ACRE is or how it operates.  They are used to getting in a car and having the realtor show them homes, then they never buy anything.  I've been talking to individuals separately.  Its time to start talking to groups.


I think this is a great idea and I would love to involved.  Offering alternatives and choices is what consumers want.  Let's get it going!

I feel this would be awesome…  People look at me like I’m from Mars when I explain the ACRE concept of real estate choices to them.

I would love to be involved in this.  In my corporate life, I did a lot of training and speaking in front of groups, and I'm very comfortable doing that.  Count me in!

How about we schedule our first brainstorm group on developing a consumer presentation? Cathy, Keith, Susan, Ismael, Steffy, and Tim - since everyone's schedule is different, what if I pick a date two weeks out and hopefully everyone can schedule it in? We can toss around ideas and put a great presentation together.

Sounds good.  With that much lead time, I shouldn't have a problem scheduling it in.  I'm excited and can't wait to get started.

That sounds good to me!


Juy 31 or August 1 any time between 9am-4pm AZ time works for me. When it is 110 degrees outside, I stay in front of the computer - I don't show homes. The AAR Buyer Broker agreement has a section on retainer fees - that will be my start to go into more details and description of services offered.


Mollie, I would love to be on this brandstorming call as well. Thank.

I'm glad Donna! Make sure that you register.

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