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What we do for Sellers

Here is the Active Rain post from Mimi Foster.


 It is a very good itemized list of what she does for sellers.  It is a very long detailed list. You should see it.  I reposted it on my blog


I am going to use these ideas to create a list services to be used with the "Needs Analysis Checklist Form". The list of services will be renamed "What We Can Do" because our menu may have tasks that the client wishes to do instead of the consultant.  I suspect that this list of tasks may be too large to include in the "Needs Analysis Checklist", therefore I may make a separate print, in 14 point font with one page for each subcategory of services. The purpose will be to inform or remind the seller of the daunting time required to sell the property. Therefore the seller may decide to pay his consultant for a larger bundle of services, thus more revenue earned by his consultant. I am still developing this concept and will discuss with ACREs at a later date.


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