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Alternative Compensation Models: Quick Math


I posted a blog on active rain https://actvra.in/ffn.

It's alo posted on the Community Exchange, your comments are appreciated.  Thanks in advance to Cindy, who has not missed one yet! 


Glenn, You make a great point in this article. To support this even more is the fact according to NAR(R), that existing home sales were down in June as   contract cancellations increased. I can only image how those real estate agents are feeling knowing that they did the work and are not being paid for it. If this is not a strong case for another business model, I don't know what is.   

We are battling 125 years of tradition!  Sheep follow Sheep over a cliff all the time.  I dont know if you were a fan of GET SMART but, if so, i would love to put these realtors under the "cone of silence" and ask them for the truth.  :)  Thanks for commenting Donna.

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