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Animation video with Dr. Buyer and Realtor


Where is the animated video with the Dr. Buyer interviewing the lady realtor?

I liked it and can not find it on ACRE Youtube

Anybody have the link?

And the other animated videos are not on ACRE Youtube.

Where are they?



Lester, the video: Realtor and Her Doctor that you are referring to was made by Glenn, not ACRE (I wish I could claim it - it's really good!). It's on HBRevolution's You Tube channel although I've also made it a favorite at ACRE on You Tube.

Regarding videos made by ACRE, I've unlisted the training videos on the You Tube channel because they are for ACREs only. The best way to access training videos from ACRE is on the Exchange under Continuing Education Videos.

Question, I want to place a video of my new consultant style on my website. Can I do that?

Jacqueline, are you talking about developing your own video or using an ACRE video? Obviously, you are free to develop your own materials for your own site. You are also welcome to embed any ACRE videos that are available to the public from our You Tube channel: http://www.ACREvideos.com.

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