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Commissions are not the only source of income for Realtors!

ACRE® Enrollee Mike Cooper just wrote this blog post about different income opportunities in Active Rain and mentioned consulting (with a link to ACRE®). We've already had five new enrollees today because of this post:


If you have a moment, please comment on his post. Thanks!


Hi Mollie:


Have you by any chance tried this link? It doesn't work for me.


It looks as if the blog section of the site is not working...  I bet it will be back up soon!! 

It seems to be fine. Might have been a temporary blip on AR.

a little mention here and there and it catches    

I saw that blog on Active Rain; I was going to comment on ACRE but he beat me to it in the comments.  How many other ACREs are also on the Rain?

That's how I found ACRE.  So glad I read that post. 


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