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Using Banks And Lending Institutions To Introduce Home Buyers To 'The ACRE Way'


Do you work with buyers? Then don't miss this webinar!

Glenn FreezmanJoin Industry Partner Glenn Freezman of Nucazza for a powerful webinar focused on gaining new buyer clients.  Glenn will demonstrate how ACRE®s can access a whole new pool of home buying clients through the relationships they have with banks, credit unions and other lenders.

This 1 hour webinar is scheduled for Wednesday,  July 13th at:
4:00 PM AST, 3:00 PM EST, 2:00 PM CST, 1:00 PM MST, 12:00 PM PST.

Glenn will also share dialogs and other things to consider when offering alternative compensation agreements to home buyers AND how you can leverage your ACRE® training to find home buyers willing to take advantage of these unique opportunities.

If you work with buyers (and remember that buyers are often also sellers), you don't want to miss this webinar on how to capture new business using your consulting tools (and leave your commission only competition in the dust!) Please bring your best questions with you and help us to create a fully interactive session.

Cost: FREE

You Can Register By Clicking Here

A NOTE ON AUDIO FOR THE WEBINAR: You can access the webinar's audio either by VOIP or telephone. The sound quality for you and other participants is MUCH better when using the phone, so if you have free long distance, we would strongly encourage you to use the phone option. If you must go with VOIP, please look over the audio checklist to make sure that you can hear and participate.


I am very excitied about presenting the ideas that Nucazza is using to effectuate change in the way home buyers "buy" and more importnantly on the methods we are using to assist us in getting the word out.  ACRE has done a tremendous job of giving you an additional tool in your toolbox, we want to show you how to turn it on.

If you haven't yet registered for this afternoon's webinar with Glenn, I strongly encourage you to do so. I'm really looking forward to it!

Glenn, Thank you for the webinar which you presented today. It was very informative. I would be interested in another one on developing a dialogue to use with our lenders.

I think this awesome.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to listen to the whole webinar but what I did catch really got me excited about the possibilities.  I would love to be involved in developing dialogues/scripts that we can use with lenders.    Thanks Mollie and Glenn

I was sent the following question: Below is the response.

Glenn, Thank you for the time and effort of producing the webinar. I thought I listened carefully but I do not understand what the incentive is to a bank or lender to refer me a client just because I will work on the ACRE type model. What did I miss.  

Thanks for the compliment, I appreciate it.  The banks are looking for a competitive edge to retain their customers for the bank.  An ACRE that offers Alternative Compensation allows the banks to offer your services to their clients on their behalf.  They are NOT referring you the clients, you are together identifying them.  It is through the Nucazza/Acre program that you presented them that afford them the ability to market Cash Back at Closing, or a 3% discount of Closing costs or Get up to 3% off the purchase of your next home! It’s unprecedented, extraordinary and significant.  Remember, They also need to be outstanding and unique in their value proposition to their clients.  They are not in the real estate business, they cannot sell homes, BUT they can position themselves to be a part of the sale, a trusted advisor in the sale, an interdependent piece of the home purchase puzzle.  By offering this marketing to Banks and Credit Unions they can, Lower their cost of origination, Beat the heck out of the competition by being remarkable, it lowers their fees and costs per loan, their “pull through” efficiency is greatly improved and they get to build strong relationships with their customers and you.  


Think also of the Webinars or Live Seminars for their clients, the 10 letter branded follow up, the co-branded Nucazza/bank website, with all the leads that are driven to the site are exclusive for that bank, Authored E-Book free to all bank clients.


The fact that what ACRES’ do is so different than the norm is reason enough for the banks to at least entertain our proposal. 


Thanks and Be well,


Thank you, Glenn. Well done webinar. I am impressed.

Donna,  Thanks for attending, we all appreciate it.  I'm sure Mollie and I will work together for the presentation and perhaps a round table type discussions

Lester, my friend, thank you!

Additional questions that came in off line, Mollie asked me to post them here:

Here were the questions I had:


Q: Are there any boundaries preset by Nucazza? ie: $/hour charged by realtor or number of properties to be shown or applicability to certain price ranges

 No, absolutely not, YOU are the Realtor, its your rules, your fees, your schedules.

Q: Have you had experience with the lenders doing short sales agreeing to credit back to buyers on the HUD-1?

NO, not at this time


Q: If I understand this correctly, we are encouraged to go to our local smaller banks or credit unions and discuss benefits of Nucazza?  If we are interested in doing this, can we get a copy of the presentation?  OR should we just provide them your contact information?

Its the benefits of the entire Alternative Compensation model that brings about the ability for Nucazza to exist. That is the major core of my message.  We would love to give all of you the same advantage we have when dealing with banks and credit unions.  Nucazza, wants to be the marketing arm for you and the bank direccted towards buyers.  All our sales materials are available to all of our agents.  It will be my pleasure to discuss this opportunity with your banks on your behalf, thats your choice


One more question:  Have you had many Home Buying Evolution registered agents apply this alternative model to lower price ranged homes?  Here in my market, the home prices have plummeted – median is about $117,000.  I also work with many investors and average prices are even lower than the median.  (Last night I put one into escrow for $33,500)  When I use Smartplan and add up my costs and compare to the commission received (typically 2-2.5%); the commission route is definitely in the buyer’s favor not mine.  In other words, have you had agents that have been able to convince their buyers to pay more than what is traditionally accepted instead of “saving” them money?

 NO, but the concept that you are unique and CAN offer an alternative shows your different than your competition.  The fact that you now have proven the worth of having the client pay commission over Ala Carte, you wont need to justify the value of your commission.

Hope that helps, be well and thank you!

Lester LAngdon wrote in on the times community so I will post the question and the answer here for commonality.  Lester wrote...

What paperwork does the lending institution sign to co-brand Nucazza?

What are your requirements for co-branding Nucazza to a lending institution in Texas?

Does the lending institution see the names and contact info of their customers who go to Nucazza?

I am not sure of the benefits to a lending institution, meaning … How does the lending institution interact with Nucazza?

 Do you have presentation dialogue with lending institution?

Thanks for your help, Will try to return the favor


There will be a simple one page contract that outlines what Nucazza will do and the functions it will perform.  As there is no money exchanging hands, the contract remains brief. 

There are no special requirements for Texas.  We look for a "Like Minded" consumer centric lender that will assist to effectuate the model by allowing Nucazza and you to speak with their borrowers.  Its a complete interdependency model.  The lending institution uses the Nucazza model to co-brand Nucazza into a site such as http://www.nucazza.com/jns/ .  The site is a fully functioning duplication of the orignal Nucazza site allowing, Blogging, Tweeting and Facebook, links to information, links to informative co-brand videos and e-books. IT even includes 1 Live Webinar monthly for up to 100 of the banks customers.  You, as the lead, are certainly invited to participate in the call, in fact we'd insist on it.  Following the Webinars Nucazza sends out a 10 by 10.  1 letter per week for ten weeeks, co-branded for the lenders.  We are ostensibly their marketing arm for this one product.  YOU!  If you had a team, or the entire brokerage shop was Home Buying Evolution/Acre realtors then even more the benefit for the bank.  Strenght in numbers. 

Every lead that comes in through the marketing remains the property of the bank, you are expected to be a prt of the sale, so it would behoove you to place yourself in the middle of the collision effect...  The Mortgage people talking to their buyers about this amazing opportunity that YOU are bringing them,   on one set of train tracks and the home buyers all juiced up with their new knowledge of how to be a better buyer on the other train track, Lestor Langdon, stands in the middle and awaits the collision.  There is an old story about 3 very book smart sons and an entrepenueal misfit son.  The short version is that the grandfather, the leader is all boisterous and gloating over the successof his 3 Grandsons, the Doctor, The Lawyer and The  Surgeon as for the entrepuer that didnt quite fit he suggested the following: There will be a time in your life that great suns of money will be changing hands, get in the middle of it.  {That was Freez-Pop circa 1981}

I think that we could work together on yours and ours and create a great final product.

Sorry that I missed this.  I am getting a really heavy duty program done with a local bank. 

Are you planning to re-run this or do you have the audio from the last one?

Not sure we will rerun it but will be organizing a brainstorming session on this topic in the fall Donna if you want to participate.

donna, i'd be happy to go through the presentation with you.  glenn

Glenn, if you are going through it with Donna, do you think it would be possible for me to connect in as well?  I had a relo client in town at the last minute and was unable to attend.  Since I used to work in wealth management for several of the largest banks in St. Louis, I have some good bank connections I'd like to make use of.



Hi Glenn,

I'm a new ACRE in Spokane, WA and would like an opportunity to check out the presentation as well if it is possible to fit it to my hectic schedule.  Another option might be to record it and post it on a link somewhere if that isn't too much extra trouble.  Please let me know.

Thank you, Ron McIntire

How do I register for the August 10th session?

I found it. Thanks.

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