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Getting Outside the Box


By Max VanNatter (First American Title) on Active Rain


Box!! Who me? I'm not inside the box, or am I?

While visiting a real estate brokerage a successful realtor yelled out, "If we're going to be successful we have to get outside the box". Later the same day a good friend of mine said, "Max, doing the same ol' thing over and over again is insanity. If we're going to make it as realtors in this economy we need to start thinking and acting differently!"



How many times I've used the expression to think out of the box - important commentary about actually getting out!

Excellent!! Great post, Lester!!

Great post Lester. 

Thanks for alerting me to Max's post on Active Rain.  I had missed it on the feature board.  I'll go over and give him two thumbs up on a great example of thinking outside the box.

Some people are within a box in which their critical voice is telling them that they cannot do something and it is hard for them to shift their paradigm and  think of possibilties. The ACRE(R) program provides us with a chance to move into a new way of thinking and create possibilities for ourselves and other real estate agents as wll as consumers. I think it is human nature to keep going in the same direction even if it does not work until we cannot stand the pain anymore. At that point we either quit or change.

I continue to learn that no matter how far out I go, I am still inside a box.  It's just a little bigger.  Constant And Never ending Improvement - CANI is what keeps it fun.  I really find it a lot of fun to see how other industries operation their business and ask myself, how would that be applicabile in my business.  It has really lead to some very creative options.

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