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How to Start?


Hi all, I am a new agent, just registered but have been an ACRE for a while.  The consulting model is quite appealing to me, and honestly, if I hadn't found out about the possibility to engage in a consulting model, I may not have become an agent at all.  Here is my question - how do I go about starting my new career while emphasizing the consulting model? 

I am looking for any assistance/input that I can get.

Thank you in advance.


Wendy, thanks for posting a new topic (the Brainstorm Session aftermath became quite a catch all!)

My advice is to first, if you haven't already, check out the "Get Up & Running Guide". You need to get your toolbox set up with your rates and fees. The Guide also will give you a starting point for getting the word out about what you can offer as an ACRE.

If you can afford it, I would definitely recommend that you consider Merv's SmartPlan. It not only helps in terms of your fees but is an incredible presentation tool. I'll leave it to SmartPlan users to chime in, but it's definitely worth every penny.

Check out the Continuing Education Videos: I think they'll get your ideas going.

Coming this Fall, we'll be offering the "Skills Series" webinars which will explore how to approach using consulting with different groups of consumers. Plan on being on them!

That's my 02 for now in getting started. I hope others will add theirs. 

Hi Wendy, Mollie is right about the SmartPlan it is an excellent presentation tool, but going through it with Merv will also help you better understand where/how to price your services for your market.  Once you feel comfortable with how much to charge for your services you will have more confidence talking to potential clients.

Spend as much time as you can here on the exchange and absorb as much as possible.   Watch videos, read articles etc.  I personally went through the course book a second time and read Mollie's book The End of 6%.

The marketing materials provided are outstanding, with a little bit of editing for your specifics you could have a professional and almost done for you marketing campaign, there are post cards, letters, videos and power point presentations that you can use.  Great stuff

I hope that helps.

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