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Sample Spreadsheet in support of Flexible Fee Offerings


Please note that this uploaded spreadsheet is a SAMPLE form for use by all members and must be formatted and adopted for your own in your marketplace. By law, fees are negotiable and cannot be set or fixed among brokers.

Fee Schedule Rev 8.11.xls Flexible Fee Schedule available in Library Archive Catagory: Rates, Fees & Commissions.



Thanks so much Randy for sharing this with other ACREs. We all grow as a community when we share what works for us with each other.

Thank you for posting this!  I had been trying to figure out a way to map all this out and you just provided me with a template.  Extremely helpful! 

Randy, just out of curiosity, are you taking any upfront retainer on any of these programs are having your clients "pay as they go", or are you only collecting your service fees upon the successful closing of the property?

Okay everyone. I am new, just received my certificate last night. I have set my hourly rate for functionary and fiduciary. As I was reviewing Randy's  flexible fee schedule, HOLLIE MOLLIE, I was truly confused. So now, I new assistance. Yes, I am aware of the smartplan, however at the moment smartplan and I are unable to marry due to financial challenges. So, I will need to start from bare bones. Please help my understanding. Setting the hourly rate means when I consult with a client that will be my hourly rate. But when they choose their services how is that connection done. As I wait for answer, I will review "Getting Started" Thanks.

Jackie, alot of the peeps get together and partner on the smart plan, i believe.

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