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Time Docket


Do my fellow consultants utilize any of the following:
Time Dockets recording their billable hour time and services performed ?
Client ID numbers and check for conflicts ?
Chronological Client Matter numbers ?
A file Chronology ?


I have a Client Profitability Sheet that I just started using, so I can track how much time I am spending per client, as well as expenses and mileage, so I can then compare it to commission received and see what I'm actually making.  I'm testing this as a precursor to putting my ACRE model together; as a relatively new agent, I feel I need to study my numbers more in order to more intelligently develop a consulting model.

Great idea.  I think I will do this too.  Thanks for sharing.

thats a great start for proof of concept.   


I use a Blackberry App called Exgis Time Tracker available through the RIM Store. It's a little primitive but does the job and exports very easily to Excel. (Apologies to the MAC community!)


I use a simple slip to log the time and miles driven when working with a Buyer/Tenant. When I don't forget to fill it in, it's great - allows me to calculate what my real time rate and car cost is for the property showings element of the transcation.

I wanted to upload the form, but my link button stayed grayed all the time.

I wish I would know how to track all of that in an easier way, however, this turned out to be very effective, even though with last century tools.

there are quite a few commercial time trackers availalable. Just google for time trackers.

Here are a couple



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