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ACRE® Approved for CE Credits in TN!


I'm very excited to tell everyone that thanks to the hard work of ACRE® John Giammarco, ACRE® has been approved for CE Credits in the state of Tennessee if taken as a live class. Tennessee is the first state or province that has approved ACRE® and they did so for the full 6 hours.

I'm hoping that TN will be the first of many. Ron Stuart and I are happy to travel within Canada (Ron) or the US (me) to teach the ACRE® course in a live classroom environment. Let me know what you need in your state or province to apply and I'll be happy to assist.

Thanks again John!


Woohoo! Glad to see TN taking the lead in something good!

Way to go John!

Thats Fantastic. 

Congrats! The next state?

Thats awesome.


I have the forms to get a CE course for Texas

Don't mess with Texas.

I'm an instructor in PA I would need a course outline. I'd be happy to submit the course here. Also are there any costs to license the course payable to RECI? Or forms you would require to be signed to allow the course to be taught, material to be used etc. 

Hi Peter,

I'll send you the course outline to submit. Any costs associated with applying will be paid by ACRE. When you have the application, I can fill it out.

Because of the nature of Consulting, right now the course can only be taught by Ron Stuart in Canada or myself in the US. In the future, I have no problem training qualified ACREs to be an instructors, but they would have to have some personal history in practicing consulting.

I'll contact you off the Exchange to find out specifically what you need. Thanks for your help! I know Glenn Freezman would LOVE to see ACRE approved in PA as would I.


I am with Peter...  I can take the course to Washington Real Estate Schools so Don can get it approved by the state...


That's great Keith. Let me know what you need in WA.

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