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Buyer Services are not FREE! They're just Financed.


I decided to expand the moving truck analogy to an entire post which you can find on Active Rain or the Times Community.

I'd welcome your comments either place but please keep in mind that the Times Community is public, so if what you have to say is directed at the ACRE® Community, it would be much better if you comment here.


Mollie, you liked that Moving Company analogy huh?  It's critical to take the work that Acres do and place it in the mindset of "Items paid for WHILE purchasing my home" not what I paid for at closing.  If all the services are paid for by the time the deal settles, there is no commission, the services you provided were paid outside of closing and Not as part of the purchase price. 

A follow up: This post on Active Rain was featured and has had a lot of traffic and opinions! If you haven't had a chance to check it out, please do so and add your thoughts (even especially if you disagree with me!)

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