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Changing Paradigms Is Tough Work

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By Jose Perez  

We all know the mantra…you have to change to survive these days. That said, how many people are stuck in the old paradigms and not doing enough of the right things because they are afraid of upsetting the people around them?

Too many, in my opinion! Let me give you some examples:

- I know companies who are leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table because they are not properly squeezing ROI out of their websites, yet they won’t pull the trigger and make changes.

- I know companies who are stuck with too much overhead, yet hesitate to make the necessary reductions.

- I know companies who are aware that they have to recruit the next wave of agents, but are not holding their teams accountable to do so.

- I know companies that tell me a large percentage of their managers don’t “get it,” yet they are doing nothing to create the bench strength they need to reinvent their firms.

Pam O’Connor, president of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, knows all about changing paradigms. The network she leads—comprised of 550 independent brokerages—has a long history of responding to shifts in the market, in technologies and in consumer preferences. “Certainly change is never easy, but being responsive and adaptive is essential to being a market leader. That has, perhaps, never been truer than it is today,” states O’Connor.

The following tips will make the task of promoting paradigm change more manageable:

- Quantify the issues. Nothing is more black and white than knowing how much money not changing is costing you and your agents.

- Do your homework. There is no scarcity of information available regarding consumer expectations and behavior. The more you can do to educate your team, the more justification you will have for making the changes.

- Ease into change. You can’t completely reinvent your company overnight. Pick one or two issues and start on those while simultaneously promoting change as good.

As scary as our world has been the past few years, it is also a time for those willing to change and embrace a new paradigm to be leaders and innovators. The greatest fortunes in the history of business have been made in times of dramatic change. This is that time in our industry.

Jose Perez is the founder and chief visionary of PCMS Consulting. PCMS provides innovative solutions leading brokerages require to enhance their market position and profitability.

1 Comment

Wow, great food for thought Lester. Thanks for bringing Mr. Perez's article to our attention.

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