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Follow Up: Consulting with FSBO's (and Other Do-It-Yourselfers!)


Great webinar today to kick off our monthly "Skills Series" whose goal is to take the concept of consulting and apply it in the real world to gain more business.

I've posted a video of my opening presentation. We are working on getting the audio of the rest of the session so if you weren't able to make the webinar today, or you did and want a review, stay tuned!


For those of you on the webinar, I would love to get your feedback and continue the discussion here.


Well, I had a great time! Thanks Mollie for inviting me and all my friends!


Very well done seminar!!  Thanks to you BOTH!

Thanks Jennifer and Mollie for the seminar.  Can't wait to put the information to use.  I am putting my FSBO presentation/package together this afternoon.  I have never wanted to contact a FSBO for the very reason that I didn't want to "talk down" to them.  Now I have no reason not to call.

I thought the webinar was great. Very inspiring and encouraging. I am so very sold on this concept that I do believe that it's going to change my life.

Jennifer, thanks again, you're the best!

Glenn, I'm so glad that you were on the webinar and wonder if some of the stuff can be applied to buyers.

Kathy, please keep us posted on your presentation and your efforts with FSBOs.

Charita, I wouldn't go so far as to think ACRE will change your life, but would be happy if it radically improved your business!

Mollie I have to remember that I am among people that I don't really have relationships with yet (online or off), so I'll have to be careful with the language and choice of words that I use so as not to be taken so literally.  The reference to "changing my life" was only a figure of speech.  I'm looking forward to the involvement and learning more from this group and incorporating consulting into my business.  But now that I think about it, if it will radically improve my business, won't my life also be changed as a result.  I'm very inspired and excited.

So glad Charita - keep that enthusiasm up and if you run into roadblocks, be sure to share them with us as well as your triumphs. That's what the Exchange is all about.

Jennifer was so kind to take the recording of today's call and split out the audio for us:

Webinar Audio

If you can't open it as a web page, just right click it and download the mp3 file to your computer (as I did) to hear it. Go To Meeting is supposed to have the recording capability available for Mac users soon so I won't have to lean on my PC friends. Thanks Jennifer!

Ended up having an appointment and not able to attend - I am so glad Jennifer supplied the audio.  Can't wait to listen!

Hi Molly, I am not able to open up the page for the recording nor able to download it.  This message keep poppin up, "Missing page, You have reached this page because the original page was deleted or moved.".  Is there another link for the information?

Ismael and others: with Merv's help, I fixed the link so you should now be able to listen to the recording. Be aware that it's a 60mg file so it's rather large. Going forward, we are looking at ways to streamline audio recordings.

Thanks Mollie.

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