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Hi Everybody. I'm Coming Out!

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I've written my break out post on ActiveRain.  When you have a minute, please check it out and comment if you will.


Thanks a million,


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GREAT POST on AR Charita. As I said to you in my email, thank you so much for your bravery in "coming out" for consulting. You may be hit with some resistance but my experience is that it will be mostly from the real estate community, not the consumer. It's just because they don't understand but with posts like yours, this too shall pass.

As Glenn Freezman has said many times, all ACREs should chime in on posts such as Charita's to underline her message. When one person here or there advocates something, it's one thing. But when others chime in, it's a true chorus. And since Charita's post is directed at the consumer, it also provides additional marketing exposure for you in your neck of the woods.

If we want consulting to grow, we must all make our voices heard. It will only take you a couple of minutes to comment on Charita's post - I hope all ACREs will do so. Thanks again Charita.

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