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My First Active Rain Post About ACRE®


Good Morning All,

I thought I would let you know that I have finally written a post on Active Rain about my ACRE® services.  I have been slowly trying to figure out out to put this into my business model and start offering it to my clients.

Anyway here it is.  A Bargain Ain't Always a Bargain-For Sale By Owners in and around San Antonio TX-I Offer You Choices!

Have a great day!


Brenda, hopefully the first of many!!  I left a comment and suggested it!  I ENCOURAGE ALL ACRES TO DO THE SAME!!  There is strenght in numbers, stop being so transparent that you are invisible.  Get onto the mainstream and SHOUT, postinjg here is nice but your preaching to the choir.  Do as Brenda did, post it "OUT THERE", tell us about "IN HERE" and as a group let's make it news!

I also posted - thanks so much for spreading the word Brenda. 


By the way, I understand what Glenn means but remember not to confuse transparency of your services with not advertising what you do.

We need to get the word out - no question about it. But when we talk about transparency at ACRE, we are referring to being able to explain the value of your services in a open and understandable way.

Transparency - Yes. Invisibility - No.


I plan to do many more posts about this business model.  Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my AR stuff.  I will throw it in my Trulia and WP blog (one I get that one set up a bit better) as well :)!

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