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What's keeping "traditional brokerage companies" from joining us?


Since we ALL (ACREs) believe that the "ACRE way" is the best way to serve our real estate consumers, why aren't the "traditional brokerage companies" jumping in and joining us, yet?


Hi Jose,

Your question is one that has befuddled me for years but I've come to the conclusion that it goes back to a basic truth: change is very difficult! And changing an entire industry from one where real estate agents are paid to move the product to one where agents are paid to provide vital fiduciary advocacy and care is a big change.

Real estate has been a sales profession for so long that many brokers and managers just can't wrap their heads around consulting. When something is different, people get suspicious - they label it as discounting, or a scheme and other things which it clearly is not. It comforts me to know that throughout history, there were many nay-sayers when something new was introduced, and they were proved wrong.

Consulting, like advances in agency representation, is ultimately a consumer issue, and as the word gets out and the consumer demands it, the industry will be forced to adapt. In the meantime, to quote Ghandi, "Be the change you want to see in the world". A great video to watch (thanks to ACRE Lester Langdon for bringing it to our attention) is How to Start a Movement in 3 Minutes.

Are there other ACREs who have ideas on Jose's question?

I agree that the consumer will force the change.

Mollie, thank you so much, for responding to my question. I know it was a $64,000 question...meaning there is really no simple answer. Thanks again Mollie!

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