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A hundred An Acre IS Cheap!


Last week we received a notice from Mollie looking to continue the movement by charging a small fee moving forward.  The industry council was kind enough to omit the industry partners from the fee.  This rubs me a bit like congress and politics, both of which I know are off limits on blogging.  Why would the industry partners, that have the most to gain be given a pass?  I'm not arguing with the perverbial gift horse in my mouth, but my money will be leaving Nucaza and arriving at Acre.  My feeling is that your industry partners are helping to strenghten the ACRE foundations, so please use my hundred to continue to build the real estate foundation for the future. 


Maybe they do not have $100

Maybe they would have if they didnt spend the all those years before Acre giving everything away for free! 

Lester, who is "they" in your answer?

I am thoroughly confused. I would agree to pay $100/yr to be an ACRE. 

I appreciate Glenn's comments. As ACREs we should seek to understand then to be understood. The points made by Mr. Freezman are understandable. It is not about sharing the pain, but promoting the cause. Therefore, commitment should come from all who see value in the ACRE model. It is the investment we all make in order to build a solid foundation for the future. 

Unfortunately, this is where the issue of trying to charge for something that was once offered for free becomes a problem. Here is a quote from one of the many books I've collected on being a professional consultant.

"Profit is the purpose for running any commercial venture and contributes to accumulation of societal profits and well being by producing investment for the future growth." -Howard L. Shenson- from his book The Contract and Fee-Setting Guide for Consultants & Professionals.

Let us all commit to invest.

Let me clarify, because there seems to be a lot of confusion. The ACRE course will continue to be free of charge and new enrollees will receive their first 90 days on the Coaching Exchange with completion of the course. All of you received an entire year on the Coaching Exchange.

When your first year is up, we are charging $100 per year for access to the Exchange. You can still be an ACRE but access to the Exchange carries a $100 charge.

I support the decision to charge $100 to ACREs.  This organization has been extremely helpful to me. It has been an expected change. We need to grow the organization and grow its services.

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