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Brainstorm session


What a great webinar Mollie! I just wish more had participated. With 407 ACRE members we have to show up for us. If we are not showing up for each other what are we really doing out in the field! Again Mollie, Thank you!


Billy Watkins


Thanks Billy. These things take time. Thanks to Lester for his participation and for inspiring the session. We'll do another soon!

Thanks again for the brainstorming session today.  Thank you, Lester, for your participation.  Here is the list that my mortgage broker sent me:

“How Customers Really Want To Be Treated”


Give me a choice and let me decide, but make a recommendation:

Tell me what you would honestly do if it was your money.


Reinforce my choice:

Help me reinforce my choice with facts that will benefit me and make me feel more confident to buy.


Don’t argue with me:

      Even if I’m wrong, I don’t want a salesperson telling me I am.


Don’t confuse me: 

The more complicated it is, the less likely I am to buy or sell.


Don’t tell me negative things:

I want everything to be great.  Don’t say bad things about someone else, about yourself, about your company, or about me.


Don‘t talk down to me:

Don’t tell me what you think I want to hear.


Don’t tell me what I bought or did is wrong:

I want to feel smart and good about what I did.


Listen to me when I talk:

I’m trying to tell you what I want to buy.


Make me feel special:

      If I’m going to spend money I want to feel good about it.  It all hinges on your words and actions.


Make me laugh:

Put me in a good mood and I’m more likely to buy.  Making me laugh means I agree with you, and you need my agreement to make a sale.


Have a fabulous day!  Great thoughts to establish our "Why".

Thanks Mollie and Team, I understanding more of they Why's. Also, thans Cindy for the list.

Great seminar, great list, Lester you are an asset!

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