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How resilient leaders survive in a destroyed economy

Frustration in business


In a down economy, most businesses suffer. Some adapt and some fail. In hard times, most professionals look around them and wonder what happened to the pipeline they had so carefully built over the years. Many look like the fisherman above and feel like there are plenty of fish but they just aren’t biting. It is at this point that many give up, but for the resilient leaders of the bunch, it is a different story.



Lester, I love the quote: "In a desperate economy, the ingenious are the survivors- sitting still never got anyone through a recession. Business leaders are trying new business models and new marketing tactics."

Thanks for sharing.

I can tell you that RENTALS have been a huge opportunity to me. Many brokerages around me don't touch them so I have built my own site devoted to rentals. And now my rental business is so good! It is a nice add on to my regular business.


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