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How the 99 Cent Song Saved the Music Industry and What Real Estate Can Learn


Apple - Think Different AdI just posted a new article that I've been pondering for a couple of weeks on the Times Community and Active Rain.

I hope you will take a few minutes to add your thoughts, particularly on A/R where your input has the exposure to make a real difference.


As Glenn has encouraged us many times, if we want the industry to start taking notice of real estate consulting, we need to make our voices heard. This means when one of us posts on Active Rain, it's really important that we chime in, and if we really like it, hit the "Suggest" button.

Individually, we are voices in the wilderness but by supporting each other, we'll make our voices heard.

I published this post on Saturday and to be totally honest, I'm more proud of it than most anythng I've written. Unfortunately, it's gotten very little notice.

So, please take a few minutes, read How the 99 Cent Song Saved the Music Industry and What Real Estate Can Learn and if you like what it has to say suggest it as Glenn and Jennifer did.

In fact, whenever you write about consulting on AR or other forums, make sure to let us know here on the Exchange and folks, let's support each other by chiming in, adding our comments and suggesting posts when we think they're good. Only together can we create a movement. Thanks!

Mollie, I did hit the suggest button.  Active Rain seems secretly controlled as to which posters get the love and get the suggest.  Imagine if every post on Active Rain that was penned by anyone of us at ACRE had 200 comments each, were reblogged and reposted, were given the suggest button each time.  WOW, what a collective voice, think of the link backs, think of the buzz. 

{Hello, testing testing 1-2-3 testing.... IS this thing on?"}

So true Glenn. I think, as human beings, we tend to fall into the "someone else" will chime in, "someone else" will bring it up, "someone else" will ______.

ACREs, if you haven't already, watch the video How to Start a Movement in 3 minutes. When others join in, the movement starts. Otherwise, it's just one crazy dancing guy.

This really was a terrific blog and I confess to assuming "someone else" would take it and run - perhaps the length of it is what kept commentary and attention low. Some of my best work (IMO!) has been ignored because I wrote too much ;-]

Absolutely true of me Jennifer also. I labored how to say what I wanted in less words. Work in process!

I just re-watched "How to Start a Movement" again and one of the last lines of the narration bears repeating:

When you find a lone nut doing something great (and that's all of us ACREs), have the guts to be the first person to stand up and join in. The best way to start a movement, if you really care is to follow and show others how to follow.

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