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I do not think this service can survive

Here below is another discount / rebate broker. How long can they survive is the client does not have "skin in the game" by paying a start up fee. Your thought please. ------------------------------- Dallas Real Estate Commission Rebate Programs Offered

Home Buyer Dallas Real Estate Commission Rebate Programs are Offered by NetOffer, Inc.

NetOffer.com has offered Home Buyers a Commission Rebate of 2% since 2005. Any property listed in the DFW area MLS system (NTREIS) is qualified as long as the Buyer Agent Commission is 3% which is the typical commission offered to Buyer Agents.

NetOffer charges the greater of the following fees to represent Buyers on the Purchase of a Home:

  1. 1% of the Sale Price, or
  2. $2,500, or
  3. $150 per hour of time spent

If you have been looking for a home, and if you have not signed a Buyer Representation Agreement with another Realtor, then simply call NetOffer when you find a home you are interested in making an offer on. NetOffer will handle the entire purchase process in the most professional and efficient manner.

Since 2004 NetOffer has represented over 50 home buyers under the rebate program, along with listing and selling well over 2,000 homes for Sellers. We thoroughly understand the entire real estate sales cycle and have extensive experience negotiating the sale. We can help you get the property for the best possible price and we are delighted to bring our extensive experience to the table and assist you.

If you are a Home Buyer in Dallas, and want to get a Commission Rebate when you buy your next home, call Lee Thurburn, President of NetOffer.com, at 214-772-6854 with any questions about this wonderful way to save big money on the purchase of your next home.


Lester, the site says that it has helped over 2000 people since 2004. However, it doesn't say whether they've actually made a profit. I don't know the market in the DFW area, but it seems that 2% is a lot to rebate.

I find it interesting that they give choices but say that they will charge the greater of the three options which tells me that it's not really the consumer's choice. Wouldn't it be better to instead to develop choices such that it doesn't matter what the consumer chooses?

My big take-away is that as we continue to see services like this proliferate, how can the traditionals continue to bury their heads in the sand saying that the consumer is happy with the status-quo? How the change settles out is still a question but change is coming!

It appears if you read through the information that he offers a number of choices.  It is quite complicated to figure out but it is 1% of a minimum amount or $150 per hour OR etc. 

There are a number of flat fee brokers in my area who have been doing listings for a long time.  Not sure that they handle any buyers.  They have listings by the 100's. They seem to be profitable as they work on volume & not on quality of listings. 

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