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Think Different - The Best Tribute to Steve Jobs


WIth the passing of Steve Jobs, there will be many tributes but in my humble opinion, there will be none as encompassing, nor one as important to the challenges we face in our industry as the simple recitation of his 1998 ad "Think Different":

You can read my entire post (which is incredibly short for me!) on:

The Consulting Times

Active Rain

For those of you who share my passion for needed change (which probably includes our entire ACRE® family), your comments are desired and appreciated.


Thank you so much for posting this Mollie!

Mollie, I so appreciate your comment!!!  Steve Jobs' prodigious contributions have soared the world forward and I can't help but believe that our Industry would be beneficially transformed if we could each just model his philosophy, even in small part, within it. Keeping Steve Jobs' philosophy in mind keeps me motivated in the day to day trenches where I struggle with the turmoil and dysfunction of this current real estate climate.  Thank you so much for posting, Mollie!

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