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What Does It Take? New VAR Article


I'm so excited to share the cover article in this month's Virginia Association of Realtors magazine "What Does It Take? - The Skills Brokers Want, The Training Realtors Need" featuring Industry Partner Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn and me! Great article and great publicity.

Click the link below and for future reference, it's uploaded in the Library under Articles.

Even without the mention of Jennifer and me, it's an insightful article and a must-read for forward looking professionals. Let us know your thoughts!



very nice article, would you l.ike to turn it into PR I will gladly put it on PRWEB for you

I'll send it to you Glenn. Thanks!

I was pretty tickled to see us both there - and gosh, we sure do sound smart ;-]

Nice article and glad to see VAR putting something out with a little more meat to it than usual.

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