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A Formal Welcome to SWS from the "New" ACRE®

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Dear ACRE®s,

First, allow me to thank all of you who have welcomed me so warmly as the new leader of the ACRE® community. I was truly humbled by all your good wishes and your optimistism about the future, even without our wonderful Mollie at the helm. I have some big shoes to fill - and I'm guessing that I won't always score a 10 on the beam with all of you, but please know that I have ACRE®'s best interests at heart in everything I'll do.  

I'm sure you're wondering what will be changing here at ACRE® and how it will affect you. What, if any, costs there will be for ACRE® membership and ACRE® benefits? What new training and support opportunities will be available? How will ACRE® be incorporated into the SWS brand and philosophy? How will... what will... when will... ???

And the most important question of all... Will I like the new ACRE®? 

Well, as I'm sure you can imagine, we're busily working on getting answers to all those questions and many more. So I'll ask for two things from you while we do... 

First - your patience and understanding as we work through the details, and second, your suggestions and feedback as to how we can better serve the ACRE® community. 

See, here's the thing. We have a tremendous opportunity to create something truly revolutionary here and I want to do it as RIGHT as I can from the get-go. So your participation in the process will be very much welcomed and appreciated.

And one more thing... if you aren't on the Sell with Soul (SWS) general mailing list (actually, most of you already are), do you want to be added? I know we all get too many emails already, so I won't add you without your permission -- but if you'd like to learn more about what SWS is all about - tell ya what... here's a blog I wrote way back in 2006 about what it means to "Sell with Soul." - give it a read and see if it's something you'd like to be a part of going forward.

If so, you can add yourself to the SWS mailing list at the home page of my website - www.SellwithSoul.com.

So... your missions if you choose to accept them are to 1) be patient with us as we transition; 2) share your thoughts and suggestions as we transition, and 3) decide whether or not you'd like to hear more about SWS in the coming weeks and months.

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving Day week and we'll see you on the other side!

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Truly behind this Jennifer!


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