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Incredible Video from the Futures Conference at CREA


This morning, ACRE® Cindy Wozney forwarded me a link to a video that was presented at CREA (Canadian Real Estate Association) in Ottawa. There are not enough exclamation points available to encourage every ACRE® (and ACRE®s to be) to watch this video!


In fact, watching it was a sureal experience for me, as it almost felt like the speaker stole my stuff, but he said it so much better. Great follow up presentation by Stephen Swanapoal. As you're watching it, take particular note of the Yellow Pages example.

And after you watch it, please share your comments here. Folks, we are on the right track. Thanks Cindy for sharing.


Wow - right on point.  Although none of us ACRE's should be surprised, obviously we believe this message, or we wouldn't be here today.

I just added this to Active Rain http://activerain.com/blogsview/2585856/do-it-yourself-real-estate-comes-to-canada-is-america-next- it continues the same conversation as the video!

Gary Morse, CREA President, is 100% correct. The technology is out there already, for a new type of national "MLS" to be created, which would give all the consumers access to it, and save us real estate people from spending money on "MLS Board Memberships" and even "Realtor" related, costly state and national  memberships. Then we can finally obtain our high standard of real estate counseling and professionalism that other professionals enjoy, like attorneys, for example.

What a great video! There were 2 things that I took away from this video (well I took a more from it, but I'll comment on 2).

First the comment about "No one in the room will want to change." So true. If you look at the faces of the people in attendence the few times they panned the crowd you could see the disdain and anger exuding from the group for the speakers.

Second the comment about it not being 1 thing. It will not be just consultanting, it will not be just discounting or assisting FSBO. It will be all of these things. But what we should keep in mind is that is if someone designs a system that pulls the best of these thing together before we do as the professionals in the industry. GAME OVER!!

William Watkins

Great video.  What I took away from it was the fact that we as real estate agents have to change our mindset and focus on the consumer and his/her real estate needs. Otherwise, we will become obsolete like the Yellow Pages. Also, as information becomes more readily available on the web, our interpretation of that information becomes more valuable. Thank you for shring this video with us.

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