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Mission Statement


Your guidance please, I am clicking through the website of the Real Estate Consulting Institute and can not find a mission statement. 


I would help me be clear to understand the purpose and mission of our membership. It would also help me to define the mission statement of my brokerage firm in Texas and possibly even help my personal mission statement.

My brokerage firm wants to clearly differentiate from traditional firms, which tends to confuse prospective clients. We want to be paid by every client for good quality help.

"WHY" helps to define important purpose.

If there is not a mission statement of our organization, then your suggestions might be helpful.  Realty Consultants (based in Houston) has a mission statement, but I think it needs to be improved.


Hi Lester,

Not sure if it's on the site, but ACRE®'s mission statement is on the first page of the coursebook:

ACRE®’s Mission
Our goal with the ACRE® program is to grow an “army” of trained real estate consultants who can offer quality, transparent choices to the consumer, both in the services that they can receive and how those services can be paid for. An ACRE® should know and communicate to the consumer that their highest value is that of a fiduciary: providing guidance, judgment and representation, not a functionary that simply completes tasks. As we grow, our goal is to elevate our industry. Our mission is to be the symbol for excellence in real estate consulting.

ACRE®s Value to Your Real Estate Practice
Once you complete the ACRE® course and start practicing real estate with a consulting mindset, your core competency will be your ability to analyze each situation individually and offer the consumer viable strategic options. The consulting model offers the consumer unparalleled representation and advocacy.

Lester - I've been working on my own ACRE elevator speech/mission statement, so maybe we can work on tweaking the official Mission Statement to something that is more appropriate for promotional purposes...

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