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More then just Complacency going on in Real Estate


Today my wife emailed me her booklist that she receives from her employer. It was a relatively long list, mostly on management. But I found the book that I'm sure she wanted me to take notice of--the title of the the book is "Provoke" by Linda Bernardi.

What I would like to do is share the description of the book as laid out by Amazon.com. 

Please I'm copying and pasteing, so if it does come through properly just go to Amazon and do a search for the book and read the description. While reading the description think about real estate and its' future.

Also I'm putting all of ACRE on notice that I will challenge conventional real estate wisdom going forward. I truly want to find the Innovators. I just ask everyone to keep and open mind and check all egos at the door. This will allow all of us to see things more clearly.

Thank you

Book Description 

Publication Date: October 28, 2011

 “Smart” devices, big data, predictive analytics, cloud computing, the social enterprise—none of these world-changing innovations would have come to pass without a Culture of Disruption that allowed fertile minds to challenge conventional wisdom, take risks and boldly bring new technologies to light. In Provoke, “innovation provocateur”, entrepreneur and strategist Linda Bernardi reveals the discomfort with which corporations, boards of directors, investors and academics regard disruptive ideas—and why embracing this discomfort to create a Culture of Disruption is the only way that business can innovate and revitalize the global economy. In this candid, insightful book, Linda—a pioneer in fields like data analytics, digital marketing and the social enterprise—pulls back the curtain on the “innovation ecosystem” to take the major players to task. Among the issues that fall into her sights:

 •Why companies utterly deny the disruptive impact of new technologies until their business model is on life support…

 •How venture investors are playingLas Vegasroulette by throwing huge money at companies that cannot justify it…

 •The myth that companies can become innovators through acquisitions

 •How the arrogance of many entrepreneurs dooms their companies before they even launch…

 •Why Innovation-Based Leadership™ is the key to everything

 In Provoke, Linda asserts that only by creating a deliberate collaborative, global Culture of Disruption, in which all the Players support unconventional thinking and the work of passionate Innovators, can we lay the groundwork for our economic future.


Might be an interesting read.  But thanks for the cut and paste! 

It's true. Until it hurts bad enough, people don't want to change. Human nature I guess?  Having worked at an IT Consulting firm during the bubble, I became fascinated by the possibilities but I know that is not the norm. Thanks for sharing William. 

Sounds interesting :)

Very true. Our MLS board is an example of resisting change at every step. We recently had a discussion where the majority of our MLS committee voted to stay with an outdated system rather than move to a better, more progressive system because they like the old vendor rather than seeing the more update services a new guy offered. And they are vetoing RPS because they don't want to allow "outsiders" to see our data. They don't see the big picture

I am looking forward to the day, that there will be a brand new real estate brokerage company available to all consumers. Here is my vote for the name of the new company....ACRE REALTY!

I am happy to report that my association saw the light years ago and let the MLS income go.  Best decision we could have ever made--as an association.

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