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Just discovered this signature by-line on a Ron Stuart email:

“You can have better outcomes and financial advantage by engaging a fee-paid advisor, instead of a commission salesperson, to assist with property transactions. Activity-based service fees, instead of a percentage of the property price, favour your equity and encourage full disclosure, transparency and harmonized interests!”

Could not have said it better!


I agree Merv - Ron's signature line states clear purpose. While not everyone will word their signature line the same since everyone's business is different, if you want folks to know what you offer, you need to tell them.

In other words, don't be a Secret ACRE®!

This signature line is excellent - I would like to add a similar signature to my emails. Encourages people to ask you the question - what is a fee-paid advisor in real estate.

I had one unclear area - when Ron says "full disclosure" he means disclosure of his fees, and not property disclosure.

Merv, thanks for sharing Ron's signature. Ron, great job.

I'm sure Ron will provide clarification!


We have a duty to disclose to our client anything and everything that might affect their negotiating position including, but certainly not limited to, fees.

Let me offer perhaps one of the more egregious examples of failure to disclose. Our industry has long told buyers that our services to them are free of charge. The fact is that in co-brokerage situations the price they pay for a property contains an undisclosed commission by which the buyer's agent is compensated. The fact the buyer doesn't write me a check does not mean my services are free of charge. Consumers find disclosure refreshingly different. Want to set yourself apart from the pack? Try a little disclosure!.



Disclosing everything is the essence of transparency and creates clients for life.

I put in the purchase offer a sentence stating that Buyer and Seller are aware that <Buyer's Broker>/Agent> will be receiving compensation from both the Buyer and the Seller.

Sometimes I use a separate Additional Compensation consent addendum that is available through the AZ Realtor association forms.

I usually put the amount of compensation, although I was told that it is not necessary at that point, as it appears on the HUD-1.

Ron, you have a wonderful signature line. My question was really about the wording of compensation disclosure, otherwise Seller's property disclosure statement has a lot of prompts to fill in all areas of property disclosure.

Hi again, Steffy:

It's hard for me to advise you on specific wording given that we practice in different jurisdictions. If your AZ REALTOR Association has a Compensation Consent Addendum chances it is compliant with the requirements of your state and you should be adequately disclosed by using it.

Here in Nova Scotia our Buyer Brokerage Agreement includes disclosure. if you would like to see the language email me privately and I'll send you a copy of the doc.

Steffy, you're on the right track! Carry on bravely!


In Ontario, Canada the common law of agency prevails, therefore in order to avoid any misunderstandings, our statutory regulations requires initial full disclosure of the various choices of relationship available between a consumer and agent.

Further, an agent is required to make Full, Timely and Ongoing disclosure in writing of all material facts both positive and negative to their principal that they are aware of.  (a fiduciary duty)

This is designed to both protect the consumer and safeguard the agent from allegations of misrepresentation, either innocent or fraudelent.

Ron, this is outstanding.  I have always thought of the signature being a quick, one liner.  This is so much better and clear and concise.  Thank you...again...for sharing. 

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