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Video Chat for Texas ACREs


Since Texas is a "Minimum Services" state, An ACRE will have different compensation menu choices than in other states. This effects our marketing and promotion.  Since we are subject to "Minimum services' whenever we sign our name, it is more difficult to differentiate our brokerage firm.

Therefore we have to hit them in the face to not be confused with traditional brokerage.  We can begin the conversation with traditional listing presentation.

I do give a listing presentation nor do FREE "Market analysis". Duh.... I was with a national real estate brokerage firm for 17 years and sold hundreds of properties and did thousands of property analysis. 

I can do good analysis. The question is "Do you value expertise?" and "Which method of compensation best suits you, the clients" before I start work for you.

Ooops, I get side tracked from The purpose of this memo

I am going to have a Google Hangout for Texas ACREs  …. Soon

We will discuss subjects specific to Texas and how it effects our marketing.

Who is interested?

If so, then go to Google Plus and open your account for FREE and add me to your ACRE circle

We might also have a circle for just Texas ACREs

We can hangout on the Free Google video chat (max ten)

You will need a webcam and comb your hair.



Sounds great to me!


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