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A New Board at the Exchange


Thank you, Merv, for giving me a little Christmas present a few days early!

We now have a new board at the Exchange specifically to discuss issues related to the ACRE/SWS merger/integration/transition. I'll be posting there as I have updates to share, but you are also welcome post on the Board to ask questions, make suggestions or otherwise comment on the future of the Consulting Approach to Real Estate as we move into 2012 and beyond!

The Board is called "Merger of ACRE & SWS" and can be found in the Administration category.

Thanks, Merv!


Would it be possible to have a either or both

1) category for "Commercial real estate" when sending an exchange entry

2) a topic entitled "Commercial real estate" with # of entries

This might be beneficial to attract and keep ACREs who specialize and Commercial real estate transactions

Wrong category Ms. Jennifer

Weird - I coulda' sworn I put it in the right place!!!! Gremlins, I tell ya...

Good suggestion Lester. Jennifer and I will review all categories and adjust ... yours is a good one.

I very much want to work on the categories...and I agree - I'd like to give our commercial folks a place to connect.

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