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ACRE/SWS Merger - Weekly Newsletter - Yea or Nay?


Happy t'ween week!

Before the holidays kicked in, I asked my ASAC (ACRE/SWS Advisory Committee) for their opinion on whether or not I should continue the tradition of sending out a weekly ACRE newsletter announcing our new graduates, posting excerpts from Exchange conversations, providing notice of upcoming seminars and such.

The overwhelming response from the committee was that a weekly newsletter is overkill; that while it's a good practice to be in touch on a reasonably regular basis, there's just too much email in the inbox these days. Many confessed that they rarely even read the newsletter and suggested it only go out once (maybe twice) a month.

That opinion concurs with mine; in fact, I am extremely careful over at SWS not to overcommunicate and risk my welcome in my readers' inboxes, so I shall implement the same philosophy here at ACRE. No newsletter will go out unless I have something to say that I believe you'll want to know about - which, given all the new stuff coming at ACRE and SWS, maybe indeed be every week as we get rolling!

I'm certainly open to further discussion on the matter, so feel free to share your thoughts and comments below.

And watch this space for updates on our progress on the ACRE/SWS integration!


Good Call.  A monthly email newsletter or bi-monthly would be adequate in my opinion.

Weekly - nay

monthly - good enough

Oops! I just cancelled my link because I was so annoyed at getting the numerous emails!! I should have read the notification above. Please, please notify me less frequently! 

Laurel (not sure if you'll get this!) - where did you unsubscribe?  Somewhere here on ACRE or in response to a newsletter?

I just joined yesterday and now get an email everytime someone posts a comment. Do I need to delete my notice email to stop that? A newsletter once or twice a month would be fine.

Perhaps the ACRE tech dept can provide an OPTION to receive messages only once per day?

From your friendly tech department:

Don't like this instant email? Scroll down to the bottom of this email and follow the instructions.

Thanks, I was not aware I had subscribed to anything and could find no options in my account settings.

John Goddin, I was just curious...Why did you decide to join ACRE? ACRE is in a continuous learning curve right now. What are you hoping to accomplish, by just getting an email, "once or twice a month", if we are ALL making an effort to help each other, every day?


I joined because I hope to both learn from and contribute to the community. Not wanting to get an email every time some one posts a comment really has nothing to do with that.


It all depends...We CAN learn something new from people that are sharing things that are relevant to our situation. Whether we choose to learn it, that's another matter.

In his book "What Matters Most", Hyrum W. Smith (co-founder of Franklin Covey) points out, that we are bombarded with an enormous amount of irrelevant email information every minute that we are on the Internet. We waste precious time reading things that are NOT, "what is most important" to further our goals in life.

Worst yet, he says..."sometimes our actions are NOT in line with what we "say" we want to accomplish.

I am hoping and trusting, by being a member of ACREs, that I am not wasting my time and energy on this website, with some people who are not really serious about the ACRE way of doing real estate. The clock keeps ticking away, and I want to make the best use of my time, while I am here on earth.

I've looked at the bottom and all over the site and I can't find a way to change from getting immediate emails to a less periodic summary. I'm just getting too many emails from many sources pushed to my iphone and I need to cut down on them.

This is for Bill et al. Please read the entire message: Scroll down to the bottom of this email and follow the instructions. The link is to the Bulletin Board. FeedBlitz subscribe is on the right.

There may be a way to compromise - as new information surfaces throghout the month post them to a bulletin board.  Agents interested in weekly updates can go to a provided link to see what's happening now.  Then once a month the administrator can package that info for the newslette, for the rest to enjoy.

Newsletter only when there is something worth reporting, be it weekly, bi-weekly or monthly-please do not meet a schedule release date if there is really nothing to report.

How does one stop the numerous e-mails one receives on a daily basis? I am sure i am not the only one that doesn't read them.

2 days ago, I went to my FeedBlitz account and change this subscription.

Now I only receive one email per day with all the daily emails, but I am not sure how I did it.

It would be helpful if a techie would explain how we can change to only one email per day. Hmm maybe I can go back to FeedBlitz and figure how I made the change or change back.

Jennifer Allan,

I vote for weekly emails too.

As 2011 comes to close tonight, I just want to say to you Jennifer, to Mollie, and to the rest of the ACRE members, that I am very happy to have found and joined ACREs. "ACRE" is what I always thought, being a real estate agent was all about.

Even though the saying goes that "no man is an island", sometimes we ALL think that we can do everything on our own, or our own way. I am of the belief, that no famous and successful person or company out there made it big on their own. It was always, always, the collective ideas of the people who came TOGETHER, to make it become rich and famous.

Still, I understand that most of us, have our priorities in business and in our lives, and we can't devote more time to ACREs. Nevertheless, ACREs will grow and become more accepted, to the degree that SOME of us devote more time to it.

I respect and understand everything that everyone has said about my comments, whether pro or against. Thanks again!

Happy New Year everyone!

Thank you, Jose - and back atcha! I really do appreciate all your participation and support and am looking forward to MUCH more of the same in 2012.


Here is side note for you...Are you familiar with The Perdido Bay Golf Club & Resort?

In 1978, I had the privilege and pleasure of working there at the hotel Front Desk for a brief time. I know that ages me, but so be it.

Mike Swick: Read this one. Go to the bottom of the email and click CANCEL!!!! You can also go to the Exchange and read a new entry on all email alternatives.

Lester, et al: It IS documenteed. Read the recent entries on the Exchange. It was also documented last March in Q&A. Also, every instant email has instructions at the bottom of the email. Obviuosly, if you never read the emails you would never know. :-)

99% of every email subscription from the web has cancel or unsubscribe at the bottom. Kind of a standard practice. The Bulletin Board is the place to go to subscribe to daily notices from FeedBlitz. It is pretty self explanatory.

Jose - I haven't been to Perdido Key - after almost two years here! I don't get out much ;-] but it's on my list to check out sometime this year...


Perdido Key has a beautiful beach! It is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen, no matter what they keep saying about Siesta Key (on the west coast of Florida). Put it on your "places I will visit this year" list.

Perdido Baby has really developed and expanded since I was there, including 10 acre lots, not too far from it, and I could have bought one, but didn't. I know you have heard that statement, many times before.

Sorry Jennifer, I meant "Perdido Bay" not Baby, but it IS quite a place!

I'm late to this party but vote for a weekly newsletter!  I opted out of the instant emails everytime someone joined or commented and now I don't receive any emails from ACRE.  Please add me back if you go to a weekly or newsletter format.  Thanks, MaryAnn

Hi MaryAnn! You haven't missed any newsletters - I, um, haven't sent any out in awhile - it's been so crazy here on the Exchange (in a good way), I haven't really had time. I'll put it on the list to put something together this week. Thanks for the nudge.

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