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Would You Like to Be a Part of Creating the "New" ACRE in 2012?


As I've mentioned once or twice, I've been working feverishly behind the scenes to get the pieces and parts in place at SWS to better accommodate the merger of SWS and ACRE®. As soon as that's closer to being done, I'll be devoting my full attention to the future of the ACRE® program. And to do that right, I really need your input.

If you'd like to provide your thoughts, suggestions and feedback as we go along, please consider joining the newly formed SWS/ACRE® Advisory Committee. All that means is that you'll be added to a separate (and very special!) mailing list and I will feel no guilt whatsoever imposing on you to ask for your input as issues, ideas and questions arise regarding the future of ACRE®.


If you would like to be a part of this committee (and haven't already let me know) just indicate your interest below and give me the best email address to use. And stand by for your first assignment!  




Jim Lauman Acre@JamesLauman.com

Dear Jennifer,

Count me in. I'd like to be a part of defining how we can develop ACRE and increase awareness of a better way both among our colleagues and the public.



Thanks Jim and John! Consider yourselves on the ASAC!

I'll help you Jen. Anything you need...

Thanks Erica!

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