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ACRE 2.0 Re-Branding Update


Sorry for the deafening silence on this end... but don't mistake that silence for inactivity! Just the opposite - we're making great strides behind the scenes.

First - the rebranding of ACRE... After all our discussions that resulted in lots of different opinions (of course), I, upon the advice of wise counsel, made the executive decision to make the executive decision as to what the new ACRE brand and logo would be. I came up with something I love and feel good about and I hope you like it too...


It's available with a variety of accent colors taken from the puzzle globe graphic, so if you don't like the green (the original ACRE green), you can have one with red (which is gorgeous), light blue, violet, lime green, bright blue or of course, grayscale. We also have versions without the puzzle globe or you can use the puzzle globe on its own as an avatar.

Or, of course, you can continue to use the original ACRE logo if you prefer.

Hope you like it!


I LOVE it! Jennifer shared it with me earlier and I think it looks great.

Fresh, clean, connects to the original. It works!

Awesome! looks great!

Its beautiful - so did you decide to stay with "accredited" - ( sorry if I missed a discussion ) 


Linda - yep - we'll form an association called "Association of Consulting Professionals in Real Estate" and accredit the course (which is coming along nicely!) as well as the advanced designation - the Consulting Professional in Real Estate (CPiRE) which includes a competence factor.

Glad you all like the new look! I love it.

Jennifer, it looks great!  Thank you.

Beautiful Jennifer!  You will "Live Long and Prosper" :)


You're doing great, Jennifer - love the plan! 

That logo is sleek! I love it.

Can we use this new logo in our marketing yet? 

So I am gone one week and miss all the action!!!  Very nice!!

Erica - sure, go ahead! The new website will be up soon and I'll have several variations of it there, but I'd be happy to send you whatever you need now.

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