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Dual real estate revolutions gaining velocity


Revolution #1

In case you haven’t noticed, the local MLS is available to the public through literally a hundred if not a thousand websites in your market. In fact, I’d go as far as to say ya can’t swing a dead cat without hittin’ some Realtor’s IDX.

Revolution #2

The agent-centric business model has failed miserably everywhere it’s been tried for the last 40+ years. Get over it. It wasn’t a good idea from day 1. How bright must we be to know that you don’t put worker bees in charge of the hive.

More .... https://agbeat.com/editorials/dual-real-estate-revolutions-gaining-velocity/

and maybe the ACRE consulting model might be the third revolution




Now that's a guy I'd like to go out for a beer with!!! Amen Mr. Brown!

Great article Lester, shame no one will pay attention.  960,000 realtors selling 4 million products a year, seems obvious to me.

That right Glenn! How many of us even know what Broker-centric really mean?  Plus, we have no more claim to the data that we hand over to the MLS than the MLS has. The data, as I see it, is graciously given to our care by the homeowner, the true owner of the data.

So, with all of the technology and various listing sites the average homeowner has access to--calling us their B's is the power they now have. We control nothing other than ourselves. 

The opportunity for the industry, is to go to the consumer, tell them that with so much data to go through just to sell or buy a home you will need a expert  to pull it all together for you. I will assist you in picking the perfect time to buy or sell based on my analyses. I will inform you of the value the addition to your home may provide(or not) to you.

The times, they are a changin.  New Market! New Rules! You better get a New Game Plan!

While his attitude towards the agents I found disturbing, his wisdom on brokerage management was sound. 

Thinking about it a little more, I think the writer is wrong about agents (but again I think he is right on brokerage mgmt, as well as his comments on the MLS). Agent's in my opion are as well business persons. They aren't paid by us brokers, they pay us brokers. They make us our money, and not the other way around. I am a businessman, I do own the brokerage, I do do the marketing, and I still do produce, but I'd be a glorified agent myself if it wasn't for my agents. They oughta be treated with respect and dignity, and helped to produce when closing start to dwindle. I don't believe in showing a dilligent person the door who is trying but can't get a lot of files to closing. I believe in helping them to succeed. 

Now I do understand the cost involved with keep on non producer. I'm not blue eyed, I just don't have a hard heart (maybe it's because I am proudly a member of the OWS). There are ways to externalize the cost of carrying a non producer other than showing them the door. In the ACRE tradition I would think desk fees would be more in the mind of the ACRE anyway than waiting for a piece of the pie on a commission split. Don't get me wrong I'm sure the writer is far more successful (wealthy that is) than I'll ever be. Fine, I'm not jealous, I got my own. But I simply find it disgusting in our modern America that business owners think they acheive their success on their own, and that because they started the business they are somehow smarter than the sum of the workers. It's atitudes like this that are bringing down our country. As a business owner I refuse to be party such attitudes.   

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