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New ACRE/TCP Website Cometh...


Another thing that came out of my meeting with Merv today is the decision to create a whole new ACRE/TCP website instead of trying to update the existing site which, Merv explained to me, is the product of various programmers and thus not easily editable by anyone BUT a programmer. Control-freak that I am, I'm not comfortable owning a website that I can't maintain (and I have no intention of learning PHP), so... a new website it shall be.

Sometime in the next few weeks, maybe sooner, we'll be trimming down the existing site to only those features members are actively using; specifically, the Exchange, the Locator and the Bulletin Board. We'll also be closing enrollments to the existing ACRE course while we create the renovated version; therefore the Times Community side of the site will be trimmed down as well to remove the ability to register for the course - and instead offer an enrollment form to express one's interest in becoming a RE Consultant once the new course is up and running.

The new site will offer some of the same features as the current site -- as well as some new features, and it should be easier to navigate and interact with other members. We'll replace The Exchange with a Forum that will be part public/part members only and if all goes as planned, will create a searchable archive of Exchange posts (which will be really cool, but a ton of work, so be patient!).

Most of the ACRE-specific material will be archived at the current site, so it won't go away, but we don't promise to update everything to the new brand - we'll play that by ear. This is a ginormous project, so again, be patient with us as we proceed.

We still have a lot of details to iron out, but one step at a time. Merv and I have been working on an SWS web project together for the last few months and we're a good team, so I'm really looking forward to what we come up with for ACRE/TCP!



You are one busy lady!  Are you getting any sleep?

LOL... Yeah, I'm kinda counting on a few extra hours in the day appearing somehow...

Sounds great Jennifer.  Can't wait to see the new and improved version. Thanks to you and Merv for all the work you two are doing.

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