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Our First Live Meeting!


Thanks to everyone who made it to the show - I got a few emails from folks who tried to log in but their link was broken... ARGHGHGH! Not sure how that happened and I'm really sorry - but luckily the show was recorded and I'll be posting it later today or tomorrow.

Please do feel free to share any feedback or commentary from what we discussed during the show... or what you'd like to discuss in the future.



the hyperlind blocked my access.. so I did a copy and paste and it worked fine.

i think some of the anti viral programs denied access on the hyper link.


The meeting was very informative. Looking forward to ACRE 2.0. Thank you for all your hard work.

Thanks Jen,I was locked out and tried to reregister.  Ill look forward to the hard copy later.

Thanks, Corey - that's never happened before to my knowledge... even my confirmation email link was broken...

Glad you enjoyed it Michael... and thank YOU for all your support!

Glenn - I saw your second registration come thru toward the end of the show... so sorry you missed it...

Informative. There have been just too many posts to read this last month. I appreciated the summary.  I liked everything I heard about "upgrading". I want more. BTW, Jennifer and Molly, you two don't have to spend so much assuring us that you "love each other". :)

Dana,  I second on all counts,  and looking forward to more!


Ah well... at least now you know!

Great show, very informative and I am really excited to see the direction that you are taking ACRE.  Had to leave at noon so will look forward to hearing the recording.

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