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Professional Consultant ???


Professional Consultant ?  is that redundant ??

Maybe just Consultant.


Professional consultant is as redundant as "Cute Shiksa" Zayda would say (My grandfather's Yiddush expression)

Eh, I disagree. Obviously. Hang in there with me on this...

If you have to 'tell' people that you're professional, you've missed it already.  ALL REALTORS live by a code of ethics which we know makes no difference to some.  Just sayin...

I agree with Lester and Cindy's sentiments.

Professional doctor??? Professional lawyer??? Professional CPA (CA in Canada)??? Labeling oneself "professional" is, in my view, tantamount to acknowledging there is some doubt as to whether we are or not.

Now I'll pretent I'm cool and add "Jus sayin'..." Ha!



I don't think it would be acknowledging any doubt as long as we leave the question marks off.  Is there any doubts that in anyone's mind that a doctor, lawyer or accountant is a professional? Having said that I really don't see the need for the term professional, I am liking Association of Consultants in Real Estate.

I appreciate the feedback! But please do keep an open mind when I explain more about why I feel having the word "professional" in there is important. I'll probably do that in our meeting next week as it's easier to SAY than it is to WRITE!

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