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The lost art of becoming a true expert

A dying art

In 2011, Texas real estate broker David Winans took issue with the low standards of real estate licensing, noting that becoming a real estate agent requires less education (and we would add less continuing education) than a manicurist. Even if a real estate professional takes on more education than is required, as an industry, standards are low – any Jim Bob Jackson that can retain a few facts after a few internet courses can weeks later be handling peoples’ largest investments and assets. Would you trust a stock broker who went to school for a few weeks? No, and that is a much smaller investment amount.

More ..... https://agbeat.com/editorials/the-lost-art-of-becoming-a-true-expert/


Great story!!!  Very true!!

Interesting perspective... I'm going to have to think about this...

I agree. That is a very good point from Lester. There are however agents that come from all walks of life and bring their former trades to the table. I know many Attorneys who have become Realtors. Some have taken the challenge and run serious practices where they are the trusted advisor. 


To me, being an expert goes beyond just having the knowledge to being able to provide an explanation as to what this information means to the client.  Anyone can read from a script but not everyone can artfully provide meaning to the words.  

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