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The Recording from Our First ACRE Live Meeting


Here is a link to an edited recording of yesterday's live teleseminar meeting. It's just over an hour long. https://d35smsbqw2z3ar.cloudfront.net/Miscellaneous%20Files/live-meeting-january-19.mp3

To summarize what we talked about, here was my outline...

Biggest Challenge for ACRE - Graduates aren't practicing consulting - so that's our primary focus in 2012 - helping them overcome whatever is keeping them from implementing a consulting model

Rebranding - Replacing "ACRE" versus keeping "ACRE." Solution!! (See below)

Reasons to rebrand - solve the "accreditation" problem, differentiate the original ACRE from ACRE 2.0, update the look and feel to be more compatible with SWS.

Objections/obstacles to rebranding - name/brand recognition, member/graduate pushback (Solution! See below)

Include competence? Most voted YES (all but two), but how do you incorporate competence for existing members/graduates? (Solution! See below)


1. Form an Association - Association of Consulting Professionals in Real Estate (ACPRE or ACPiRE).

2. Retain ACRE designation as is (Accredited Consultant in Real Estate) which is Accredited by the Association and does NOT include a competence component

3. Create a higher-level designation for those who want to include a competence component in their designation (Consulting Professional in Real Estate - CPiRE)

I have some ideas on how to handle the competence issue which I'll share soon. 

The ACRE Course
I'm redoing it and putting it on a different platform - a professional-grade Learning Management System. The first Module of the course will be free (mostly philosophy and introductory material); the rest of the program (6ish Modules) will cost $$$. Not sure how much yet.

I'm planning to release the new course in the spring as a "live online workshop." Participants go through the new course together, communicating via email, chat, teleseminars/webinars, private forum - discussion groups, masterminds.

The ACRE Website
Will be creating a new website from scratch, similar to the site Merv just finished for me (yay!) www.SWSConnect.com. We'll archive the relevant material from the existing site (the Exchange and training materials).

The new website will have a Forum with both public and private boards.

Serving ACREs going forward
- Teleseminars/Webinars
- Marketing materials
- Enhanced networking
- Sphere of influence marketing




Tried the link to the meeting several times but it doesn' work.  Has anyone else had a problem with this? 



Mine opens up in my media player... what happens when you click the link? Have you tried copying it to your browser?


Tried the link to the meeting several times but it doesn' work.  Has anyone else had a problem with this? 



Jennifer, no problem here. The link opens directly in my media player.

Thanks, Jennifer.  I tried again this morning and also copied to browser without success. I must not have the program you're using though I don't have problems opening links/videos.  Thanks anyway....mw

You might try right-clicking the link and then saving it to your computer....


Jennifer, that works!  The meeting is audio only, right?  

BTW: the box that came up when I tried methods before says "problem with web page causing by Internet Explorer to close."


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