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220 Deals Per Year Thanks To The Internet - Inside Look

I have recently gotten to know a real estate professional named Michael Pannell that has made a big mark on Dallas real estate through the use of the Internet.  His team generates 220+ deals per year and 97% of it comes from organic search engine clicks.  He has now expanded into San Antonio and Houston and there is no sign of him slowing down as long as he can keep generating solid internet leads.  When I learned about this I became incredibly interested to learn more about his business and I sat him down for a little Q&A to find out how he created this monster business.

Q. – What made you focus your business so heavily on the internet?

A. – I noticed that the trends were leaning towards the internet.  I had a website up but was not getting very much traffic to it.  Everything in the market was changing and I had to change my ways of advertising to get business.

Q. – What did it look like before? 

A. – Before focusing on the internet, our business was all local advertising.  We once a week (over the weekend), put out bandit signs all over the metroplex and just sat at the office the next few days and took phone calls.  This was back when lending was much more lax and almost anyone could get approved.  We were advertising for new homes.  So we basically took phone calls, drove the clients around to the different builders and then once the client decided on the perfect home, the builder rep signed them up

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