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Adapt or Die - the end of business

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I thought 90 second video was good.



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Lester about a month ago I provided a link here to Brian's webinar--I'm not sure if anyone attended except me, but it was a great webinar. 

This short video I believe gets to the very heart that every business owner will face, no matter how large or small. The consumer has the power. Just ask the CEO of Netflix. One of our own (Carolyn) just experience that power with a potential client just recently. 

Here is another opportunity for me to self-promote. If as a business owner you keep hearing free, what choices do you have?  The answer is One!  Your job is to find out what the consumer wants for free and also what it is they are willing to pay for. Just because you are giving it to them for free doesn't mean you're not getting paid for it, even at the time services are rendered. 

I know for a fact that other companies are willing to pay for access to your customers or clients. Look at Groupon.  The concept of giving something away to make a more is nothing new in the business world. The real estate industry just hasn't been able to capitalize on properly. 

I'm showing homeowners that I can get them close to paying zero commission when it is all said and done with my Prepaid program. Even if the homeowner decides that the program does work for them I get to fill my pipeline.

I'm knocking on doors daily. It is not perfect yet, but I'm perfecting it.

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