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Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us


My purpose to introduce this video to you ..... is to suggest that the best method

* to recruit brokers to be an ACRE and also

*to recruit agents to consult for brokers

Is to know what motivation will produce the best results

Ten minute video that will surprise you about what motivates us.





Lester - I loved this video (and I rarely watch videos all the way through). But how, specifically, do you see us using this concept to spread the ACRE message and bring brokers on board?

Please share your thoughts!

Hey Lester, 

It's a perfect tool to use in conjunction with a written explanation of why we do (Brokers /Agents) what we do. Self Directed, Purpose and Mastery, I believe every Broker/Agent has that image of who they'll become when starting their journey in this industry. 

This is a professional where mastery and knowledge are crucial for our clients to benefit the most. But what I have also said, is the money although important, should not be the main purpose of what we need to do for our clients.

For example; How can we help challenged homeowners who are underwater now with the need to sell in the future, take more money with them to their next transaction? I believe the entire industry should make this their purpose, because without a stable client we do not have a stable real estate market in which to success.

Previously it was mentioned that we should not want to change the world. That idea of helping change, may have been a motivator for ACREs to help. Especially if we can find a way to make it profitable.  The name Steve Jobs comes to mine.

Lester I was under the impression one of ACRE's goal was to help convince the professionals in the industry consulting is a viable model. I was sure of this being so, because quotes and videos were used as you did, to make the point of consulting in real estate as disruptive. They were the very same people who responded to statements and comments to defend against claims that consulting in real estate was dead upon arrivial.

Lester the facts are clear. Real Estate is changing and will continue to change. But these changes will not happen just for the needs of the professional. It will not change to protect our commissions no matter what form we collect them in.

Right now more than 11 million homeowners are underwater and that is a market segment begging for an solid solution to help them carry more money with them to their next transaction.

A large majority of the underwater owners will wait for the market to recover before they list.  Why not offer a program that consults with them through their ownership and designed to help them take more money with them when they decide to list?

It can and will be profitable to have as the purpose to help this group and every other homeowner keep more of their hard earned equity. They deserve it, after all they have lost.

Is it fair that only the banks be made whole after a recession that was hailed as the worst since the Great Depression? Is it not fair to let the individual participate in Capitalism as Corporations are allowed to do? Isn't it funny that a Corporation has all the rights that a living human being has, but the human has little of the rights of a Corporation.

Steve Jobs does come to mind. He believed in the individual.

Let us fight for them for once.

Lester & William - allow me to clarify my position on changing the world... I'm not saying that what we're doing won't make a difference in how real estate is practiced in the future; I hope it does. What I've said is that I don't intend to Go Out and Lobby for change (although anyone else is welcome to). Remember in the crazy dancing man video? He didn't go around the park asking people if they'd like to come crazy-dance with him, or lobbying them to do it or networking to try to build a following - he just started DOING it and people joined in.

That's my approach... let's all of us start DOING this crazy thing, demonstrate it's a viable business model and that's a far more powerful testimony than any politicking, lobbying, networking or advertising will ever be.

Well Said Jennifer. People will respond to your enthusiasm for what you do much more than someone hammering them to change their current views. 

I've been MIA for about 3 years due to health and personal issues, but am now ready to jump back into ACRE.  It good to be back, much work to do but ahhhh how I've missed ya'll!! 


Nice to have you back Paula!

The dance is the Lobbying. 

Well, then GET DANCING PEOPLE! ;-]

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