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Leaving a real estate franchise to become an independent broker


This week I changed my real estate brokerage affiliation from a franchise and am now an independent. I’ve done a lot of soul searching about which path to take, and suffice it to say that at the end of the day, I see more value in my own name and my brand, than any franchise. Perhaps I should have gone down this path from the start, when I opened up, but that’s water under the bridge.

More .... https://agbeat.com/editorials/leaving-a-real-estate-franchise-to-become-an-independent-broker/


Thanks for posting this Lester

Excellent choice.  Truly an Independent Broker.


I absolutely loved running my own shop and was stunned at how more profitable I was than I'd been working at RE/MAX, even with all my start-up costs. My hard business expenses went from 40%+ down to around 15%, not to mention all the freedom and flexibility I had.

Freedom & flexibility... that's why I originally opened my own place. I would never go back.

Erica-you will be great as an independent!

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