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UPDATE on the TRANSITION - The Live ACRE Mastermind Workshop


One last (?) post today on what we've been up to in the back rooms of ACRE®.

As I mentioned during the Update show in January, our grand plan is to relaunch ACRE® with a live workshop sometime this spring.

What I mean by a "live workshop" is that we'll all convene in the cyber world on a specific date and work together through the new ACRE® course. We'll communicate via email, teleconferences and on the private ACRE® forum. We'll have several "live" online events and discussions, but you don't have to attend them live to participate.

The really cool thing (one of them anyway) is that participants will have access to many of the leaders in the ACRE® community* who are successfully practicing consulting in their own real estate businesses... and are willing to help you do the same. It will truly be a Mastermind event. 

Another really cool thing is that the Workshop will go beyond the material covered in the basic Designation course and hit on several advanced topics that, in the future, will only be offered as optional electives, at additional cost.

The price of the Workshop will be similar to the price of the new designation course - somewhere in the $300-$400 range, and we'll be offering existing ACRE®s who enroll a "guest pass" that they can give to a non-ACRE® to introduce them to consulting (and split the cost with them if they like!).

The timing of the Workshop will probably be mid-April... but that's a moving target right now. We'll certainly keep you posted as we get closer.

As always... let me know what questions you have!

*If you are actively practicing consulting and would like to lead a discussion or be a member of a panel during the workshop, please contact me and I'll fill you in on the details. 


This all sounds as though it's moving in the right direction -  and quickly!  Well done.

Looking forward to the class!!

Can i offer any help?

Sounds great, Jennifer

Glenn... you're already on the list ;-]

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