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What IS Consulting? Seriously, I'm asking


I'm almost finished (!) with the new ACRE course... (okay, so that's a slight exaggeration; there's still a lot to do but I'm making serious progress) and I'm stuck on something so simple I wonder if I'm losing it...

How to define Real Estate Consulting for someone who has no idea what it's all about!

I've been scavenging all over the Exchange, Ron Stuart's website ;-], the original ACRE course and other places looking for a succinct way to describe what consulting is without going into tremendous detail.

Basically, I need a consulting Elevator Speech. 

Here's how I want to use it... I've created a little pre-assessment quiz called "Is Real Estate Consulting Right for You?" which is intended to be the main entry point to bring new members into ACRE. But I need to introduce the quiz with a relatively brief explanation of what Consulting is all about and I'm a complete blank.

Can you help me out here?? Pleeeeeease....?


A Consultant is an expert in their field (real estate included) with the ability to strategically guide their client to a successful end.

These are a few options:

Real estate consulting provides guidance, advice and expertise to sellers and buyers of homes, on either a fee or commission basis, and allows the client to select the services required.

Consulting starts with a detailed assessment of the clients' needs and then presents options for achieving the preferred outcome, with remuneration based on either a fee or commission basis.

Real estate consulting offers an alternative to commission-based agency, by providing solutions tailored specifically to the clients' needs with the option of paying on a fee-based pricing model.

Real estate consulting gives clients control over the selling or buying process as they choose, and pay for, only the advice, assistance and services they need.

THANK YOU William and Chris - that's exactly what I needed to shake the stones loose in my brain.



Ooh, I knew about the first one (and am referring to it) but hadn't seen the second. Thank you!!!

Was going to write something then noticed Merv's response... what more is there to say after revisiting his two excellent posts.

Well, maybe just this, Jennifer, since you mentioned elevator speech, for what it's worth here's what I incorporate into the signature block of my emails these days: "My clients enjoy better outcomes and financial advantage by engaging me as a fee-paid advisor, instead of working with a commission salesperson. Activity based service fees, instead of a percentage of the property price, favour your equity and encourage disclosure, transparency and harmonized interests."

Ron the word master!! Excellent.

Excellent comments above.  We have moved away from the promoting of ACRE and consulting since it felt like we were making any headway in our marketplace.  We have now moved 'on' or should say 'back' to picking up where we left off with ACRE.  We have a business FB page specifically for promoting the fact that people should have choices when selling their homes.  Stay tuned - launch is scheduled for first week of March 2012.

Pat - that's wonderful! I can't wait to see it.

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